Heaven Sent Signs and Wonders

True life stories should inspire and encourage as well as inform or educate the reader.  All the stories offer valuable lessons such as discovering that God still speaks to his people. These encounter stories show how God uses dreams and prayers to keep peace and bring victory even in a dangerous situation.

There are people in this world that receive signs and warnings in their lives and disregard them. When you read about these signs and warnings inside these stories my hope is that you will identify them as signs in your life and choose the right path. Then you will be better equipped to avoid the pitfalls, and hard knocks that life often throws our way.

 “Pick this book up, you’ll not only fall in love with Catharine’s writing style but you’ll find priceless nuggets of wisdom as you flip through the pages.” – by Orlena Naamah of Virtue Christian Book Award.

We need books for such times as this. There’s a spiritual warfareand we need to be equipped with prayer. Brilliant subject matter on this book. I just bookmarked the Amazon page. – Griffins from the VCBA website.

Let me begin by expressing how much I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book The School of Hard Knocks: Life Lessons From the School of Hard Knocks(Heaven Sent Signs and Wonders). As a writer, I feel you are very talented. I found your warm and engaging writing style to be very refreshing. I read many books, and other writers whose work is too wordy and confusing often turn me off. I found your writing style to be very clear, easy to read and easy to comprehend. You were able to capture and maintain my interest from the very beginning, until the very end. – reviewed By Lucinda Weeks for Readers’ Favorite

Nov 07, 2015 J Jackson rated it it was amazing
Shelves: amazing
A riveting collection!

Firstly, I must say this author has done an excellent job by inscribing such a riveting book. The recollection of her stories are neatly structured, simple and detailed enough for understanding. I came with an expectancy to learn more about our relationship with Christ and dreams and boy, was I amazed. Not only did I learn life lessons through the life of the author, but I see how they are applied.

At times I do struggle with anger management and at times I just loose it and enter into sin. But thanks to be to God, for he has used Catharine life to demonstrate the implications of my actions. Now this is a lesson I will never forget!


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