Trapped in a Nightmare


Trapped in a nightmare
From which I never wake
Each morning I lay there
My heart about to break

Again my bed is wet
I lay there paralyzed
Never once do I forget
It’s too late to regret

Here comes mother
Calling out my name
Fear strikes like no other
Adding to my shame

Trapped in a nightmare
No one else to blame
Can’t hide anywhere
My disgrace, my shame

Asleep the nightmare begins
They wait till after dark
Skeletons out to win
Their goal to leave their mark

Sleepwalking and dreaming
Of sitting on the toilet
In reality I was screaming
Alone in the dark

Harassed at school daily
I was trapped in a nightmare
That fit so aptly
My soul became ensnared

Years later the memories intact
Remembering the shame
Those were the facts
Was I to blame?

Once I asked her
Why do that to me?
Laziness was her answer
For she could not see

People need to be educated
More sympathetic, and tolerated
Children are our legacy
They deserve love and dignity.

Author Notes:

I remember as a child that I would dream about being on the toilet. Also I would sleepwalk into the bathroom, but not sit on the toilet and go. The house that I lived in as a child was very strange because it was the only house that I would sleepwalk in and also have nightmares. Skeletons coming to me at night.

As an adult I realize it was the enemy attacking my soul, trying to prevent me from reaching my calling in life. If the enemy can make you full of pain and distrust towards other people half his battle is won. We have to recognize how the enemy works, and put on the whole Armour of God to fight his fiery darts.


2 thoughts on “Trapped in a Nightmare

  1. Catharine LJ Parks Post author

    Thanks for your input, however, this poem is based on an actual experience I had as a child. My only reason for putting it here is because people need to be educated about this disorder, not beat like I was.



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