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Reviewed By Daniel D Staats for Readers’ Favorite

Catharine LJ Parks shares nine stories with her readers in A Collection of Short Stories. These stories cover her life from the time she was a young child until the death of her mother. Catharine has a deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ which carries her through the various trials found in her stories. She encourages her readers to show love for strangers and those around them. Her experience of helping the blind man cross the street will encourage others to help those in need. Her sharing of her mother’s death will strengthen those who have a loved one at the door of eternity. If you want some humor mixed into a tough situation, you will love the story of JD, his walker, and the bank robber.

Catharine LJ Parks shares each of the nine stories in her book to inspire, encourage and entertain her readers. A Collection of Short Stories is a mixed bag of memories that Catharine decided to share with the world. Some of the memories are sad, as in the death of her mother. However, the sadness is turned into joy as she realizes that her mother went to a much better place. Catharine shares her faith as she explains how to face fear and win. She deals with PTSD in a sympathetic manner that shows how love transcends what seems impossible. Catharine opens her private life to shine a light for others to follow as they face the difficulties of life. Read this book and be inspired as well as encouraged. Along the way, you will find yourself also sharing a laugh or two with Catharine Parks.


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