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This world that we live in is plagued with an epidemic of food addictions that comes in many forms, and as a result, the world is affected by the obesity factor.
The information in this e-book deals with child obesity and the problems it inflicts. Here you will also find suggestions and life-changing solutions to this problem.
Sometimes before we can try to change our children, we must change ourselves. Children learn from their parents; therefore, we must make a real effort to be good role models.

All good diets or lifestyle changes in eating habits should start with an inner cleansing. You will lose weight faster, and feel better at the same time. Most of us have parasites that live in our gut. This is a good way to get rid of them naturally.

Cleanse your cholesterol and liver

Tackle your high cholesterol numbers

This Cholesterol and Liver Cleanse recipe is a unique blend of simplicity by making use of ordinary foods and minerals. This is a safe home remedy for ridding the body of toxins, cholesterol stones in the pancreas and the liver.

 Preparation for the Cleanse 

There is something you can do the day before you start this cholesterol and liver cleanse, and that is eat fruit and vegetables, decreasing the meat portions. Eat just fruit and vegetables the day you start the cleanse up until 2pm.

After 2pm

 Epsom salt is rich in both magnesium and sulfate which can be absorbed through the skin.   When you use Epsom salt in a bath it increases the levels of both of these and aids in detoxification. When used externally to detoxify it gets rid of harmful substances. The skin is the largest detox organ, having a Epsom salt bath strengthens and stimulates the lymph and immune system and increases oxygen and blood flow to the body. Sulfates from the Epsom salts formulate proteins lining the digestive tract. The pancreas is stimulated to form digestive enzymes needed to detoxify the body. The bath helps neutralize toxins and adds protection from heavy metals. Eat and drink nothing. At 6pm take 2 tablespoons(heaping) of Epsom Salts in 1 cup of warm water, then repeat at 8pm.

At 10pm

Take a grapefruit, and squeeze the juice into a measuring cup, take pure olive oil and make a mixture of half and half.

 Use Walnut Extract

Black Walnut was used all through history to treat intestinal parasites. It is famous for its laxative ability to rid the body of parasites. High levels of tannin and juglone is thought to oxygenate the blood and kill parasites. It is also effective against pinworm, ringworm, tapeworm, and other intestinal parasites. It is considered to be one of the most effective laxatives available. The hull of the walnut is thought to lower blood pressure. It also helps to balance blood sugar levels. Take ten drops of Walnut Extract and put it into the grapefruit mixture, then drink up.

Take Four Melatonin (Natural Sleeping Pills)

Melatonin helps support healthy restorative sleep. It is gentle and occurs naturally in the body and it is the only hormone produced naturally by the pineal gland. Research has found that melatonin does help sleep. Set your alarm for 8am.

 8am to 10am

Repeat the Epsom Salt mixture. After 10am start to eat fruit and vegetables, drink water but no juices. Repeat this recipe every couple of months. This is a natural remedy to rid the body of unwanted toxins, and lead you back to the life you deserve.

Obesity Strongholds: How to Overcome Them

This ebook contains messages within its pages for obese women. Obesity is definitely a problem that the world faces today, and for the obese woman who suffers from this debilitating disease, you can take comfort from the information contained within.

There are definitely obesity strongholds to consider in making the decision to change your life. From learning to break your old bad eating habits, and integrating new ones, to making a life-changing decision to have gastric bypass surgery or to traditionally lose weight by counting calories. Then there is dealing with obesity discrimination in the workplace and its self-defacing effects. More strongholds are suffering through disorders of the skin to dealing with diabetes because of obesity. Here you will learn tips on how to dress for the obese woman and why. To know that you do not have to settle for sloppy dressing, but that you can dress with style and carry your confidence with you while you are going through this transition in your life.

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The Ins and Outs of Gastric Bypass


Gastric Bypass is not for everyone. But it is for the Obese and the Super Obese. Here you will discover what exactly Gastric Bypass is, who it is for, how to have the mindset of a lifestyle change, and who would make a successful candidate for Gastric Bypass.

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Embracing the Keto Kid Lifestyle


There are more obese children in the world today than ever. Food addictions are real, and they are becoming more prevalent among children.

This e-book relates to child obesity as well as the complications it inflicts. Here you’ll also find tips and lifestyle transforming strategies to these challenges.

Children learn from their parents. This book deals with a lifestyle change – the Keto lifestyle and how to let your children embrace a different way of eating.

There is a lot of controversy inside the keto community over whether children should embrace the Ketogenic lifestyle.  Some folks claim that children do not need to worry about insulin, and should not be deprived of “kid foods.” Some believe that they require a lot of carbohydrates for healthy growth.

Other parents, concerned with the widespread of poor dietary habits, obesity, and diabetes levels that have reached epidemic levels among children in the West may be more open-minded about switching from the traditional way of eating to a Ketogenic one.

This book is aimed at introducing the ketogenic lifestyle for ‘keto kids. It does not replace the advice of your physician’s expertise at all and is merely for your informational peruse.

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Dining out on a diet need not be over. You can make smart choices and stay on track. Here you will find tips to help you choose your meals while dining out.

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