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Do you suffer from fear, helplessness, loneliness, etc? This book offers solutions to the human condition that plagues so much of humanity. For the Shattered Soul, offers hope, encouragement, revelation and sound advice to ‘heal’ the shattered soul.
This book shows ways to promote healing in all aspects of the mind, body and spirit, and leave you with peace, joy, love and freedom as you journey towards the light.

Reviewed By Darin Godby for Readers’ Favorite 5 Star Review

The purpose of For the Shattered Soul (Dealing With the Pain Within) is for the reader to find wholeness within God as He intended for your life. Author Catharine LJ Parks deals with how to find healing from your past wounds that allows you to move forward, healed and whole. Parks points out how Satan counterfeits everything good and worthwhile that God has created, and tries to get us to buy into that counterfeit option so as never to experience the true peace and joy that only God can give. She gives illustrations of events that have occurred within her own life so that the reader can quickly see how these have shattered her own emotions and peace.

Parks gives some wonderful thoughts concerning love in her chapter Rebellion Costs Lives. We need to experience the true love of God if we are going to have a relationship with Him and with others that is as He originally desired for us to experience. Painful memories can keep a person bound up and living an unhealthy life. We need to be able to find rest and wholeness for our life to be effective and productive for God’s eternal Kingdom. This book provides a much-needed resource that will help the reader with clear directions to find that much needed peace. This book provides wisdom and insight on how a wounded soul can find health, healing and strength through the love of God. This book is both encouraging as well as therapeutic for damaged individuals who truly need healing in many different areas within their life.

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True life stories inspire, encourage and inform us. All the stories offer valuable lessons such as discovering that God still speaks to his people. These encounter stories show how God uses dreams and prayers to keep peace and bring victory even in a dangerous situation. You will discover how God sends warnings through signs and wonders to us when we are going down the wrong path.